The climate diet crib sheet

Everything you need to know about eating to save the world.

Remember, back in the hazy innocence of January, when we were going to spend a month on climate-friendly eating habits? Yeah, well, it’s March. Welcome to week six. I blame the duck people. But wow, what a journey! I’ve always planned to use the last email in this series to sum everything up, so I spent a lot of the past week re-listening to interviews, re-reading research, and re-visiting what I’ve sent to you. Whoa; I’ve thrown more than 12,000 words at your inboxes. That’s the length of a novella, and we didn’t even witness any unrequited love or visit an alien world. So I figured I’d try a palate cleanser this week: a quick-reference cheat sheet you can refer to or share. 

If you’ve been waiting for one crystalline example of one5c to send to your family and friends, this is it. And you’ll want to get them signed up now, because next week we dig into plastic.

OK, here it is: A hundred-plus hours of research and more than a dozen interviews boiled down to an “infographic” I made using Google Slides. Truly, anything is possible with technology. I hope you like it!

If you want to go deeper on any of these subjects, here’s a handy index:

I. The easiest way to lower your personal carbon emissions

II. Read this is if you’re still going to eat beef

III. Red meat that actually reduces greenhouse gasses

IV. What about duck?

V. How to be a sustainable pescatarian

Thanks so much for tuning in. I’ll be dropping by your inbox again next week to go deep on everyone’s favorite conundrum:

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Take care of yourselves—and each other.